Himalayan Salt Therapy & Wellness Spa

Kelly Wagner and her daughter Danielle Fraunhoffer opened Harford County’s first Himalayan Salt Therapy & Wellness Spa in Forest Hill off Commerce Road three years ago. Their business is built around the principles of improving mind, body and spiritual health through alternative wellness services – at everyday affordable costs.

They provide the community with a variety of traditional Spa services like massages and facials, as well as natural not-so-traditional services. They offer a variety of packages, discounts and memberships.


Salt Therapy or Halotherapy, is an all-natural holistic treatment that can help you breathe easier, fight allergies, and boost your immune system. It’s also a great way to relax and detox!

During a salt session, you’ll sit or lie in a room lined with Himalayan salt. Then, a machine called a halogenerator blows dry aerosol salt particles into the air in a controlled environment. This mimics the microclimate of a natural salt cave, which was first developed in the 1800s when a physician noticed that miners who worked in a salt mine had healthier lungs and skin than others.

Dry salt therapy is good for people with respiratory ailments like bronchitis, asthma and COPD, as well as skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and dermatitis. It can even reduce stress and aid sleep! Plus, it’s completely drug-free!


Harford County’s first Himalayan Salt Therapy & Wellness Spa, Serenity, offers all-natural alternative services for adults and kids of all ages. With over 100 different services including a therapeutic Himalayan Salt Therapy room, ION foot detox chairs, rejuvenating infrared sauna cocoon, PEMF sessions, facials, body scrubs and wraps, massages and more.

Serenity is a Forest Hill business run by a mother-daughter duo that wants you to breathe and relax. It’s a beautiful space with so many ways to enjoy yourself. It’s also a great place for groups, classes and parties. They even offer messages and products. And they have a special ladies night every month with wine and finger food.

Skin Care

This Forest Hill spa is the 1st Himalayan Salt Therapy & Wellness Spa in Harford County, and offers all-natural alternative wellness services to adults & kids of ALL ages. The owners, Kelly Wagner & her daughter Danielle, created this business after their own personal journey to heal chronic health issues.

The spa is home to a variety of natural and holistic treatments, including facials, massage therapies, body scrubs and wraps, Sunlighten full spectrum sauna sessions and much more. There are also special packages, a membership program and discounts for military, teachers, and senior citizens.

A visit to this hidden gem can help alleviate breathing difficulties, reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. It can even improve your mood and help you sleep better. This is a great way to escape the stresses of life. It is important to note that facial treatments are not recommended for pregnant women or people with active cold sores. Otherwise, a facial is an excellent addition to any relaxation package.


A plethora of services are offered at this Forest Hill and Belair spa run by a mom and daughter duo. These include Salt Therapy sessions, Massage, a full spectrum Infrared Sauna Cocoon, Facials and Body Scrubs/Wraps.

A popular service, dry salt therapy helps alleviate symptoms of chronic respiratory & skin conditions. It also improves overall mental & physical wellness by reducing anxiety, depression & stress. Inhaling Himalayan salt is believed to wipe out irritants like bacteria, viruses & fungus that cause allergies and asthma.

Clients say the calming and soothing environment of the salt room helps reduce their stress levels. They also say the salt has a variety of other healing properties, including reducing allergy and asthma symptoms. Cindy McKeever of Bel Air says she’s been able to cut back on her over-the-counter medications since starting visits to the Salt Works Spa. She credits the spa with her increased energy and better breathing.

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